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This Sunday, I’m switching channels. “MUSIC ON THE MENU LIVE,” my weekly radio show that features some of the most talented artists from NEPA, will move to 105 The River. The show, as some of you may know, has been heard every Sunday night for the past 10 years on 102.3-FM, The Mountain. And while I thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Mountain and greatly appreciate the opportunity that the station gave me, I am very excited about my move down the dial.

 A big reason for the change, quite frankly, is that The Mountain changed. In August, the station switched to an HD radio signal. And while it also still streams on the internet, and my show did continue on after the change, I missed being on the regular FM dial. I put a lot of time and care into “MUSIC ON THE MENU LIVE” each week, and I want people to be able to hear it in their cars and on their stereos and on that old radio that you keep out in the garage. And so when Paul Ciliberto of The River gave me the opportunity to get back on the FM band, I took it.  And I am grateful for the opportunity, not only for me, but for the artists that I play.

 The station is owned and operated by the Bold Gold Media Group and - as the thousands of people that visit there every week know - is located inside Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. And that is very exciting to me. There’s so much energy there and they’ve been doing some exciting things with music, so it’ll be nice to be in the middle of the action. 
In addition to hosting “Music On The Menu Live” for the past decade, some of my other radio endeavors have included organizing the former “Weekender/Mountaingrown Original Music Series” shows, plus 2005’s  “We All Shine On: A Tribute To John Lennon” radio special.  Held on the 25th anniversary of Lennon’s death, the live broadcast featured dozens of local artists performing Lennon’s songs. I also put together the 2010 “ Weekender/Mountaingrown Holiday Special,” during which local artists, also live on the radio, performed their favorite Christmas songs. I worked with a great team of people on the former “Concert For A Cause” and was also involved with the recent “Music, Motors & More” event at Montage Mountain. Once I get settled in with the weekly radio show at The River, I am certainly open to working with the station and Mohegan Sun and doing other events featuring live bands. It is still something I love to do and the folks at The River tell me they feel the same. We will rock. This is certain.

 I realize some folks might be familiar with my show and my work in music, while others might not know anything about me at all. Some quick background: I did some work in college radio back around 1985-87 and co-produced a few specials featuring national acts. From 1992-2011, I covered music for The Times Leader and The Weekender and still occasionally contribute stories about music to The Weekender. I did a weekly radio spot about local music on 97.9-X from 1995-2004, and had been with 102.3-FM for the past 10 years. Some quick math tells me that's more than 20 years in music journalism and 20 years in radio. And the only reason I share that is because it directly relates to “MUSIC ON THE MENU LIVE” …

 In getting ready for my move to The River, I recently had the chance to go through my collection of CDs that I’ve accumulated over the years from local bands. And let me tell you: I HAVE A LOT OF STUFF. I’m talking two decades worth of stuff. In fact, this past weekend, sifting through it all was pretty much all I did. There were hundreds of CDs, and today I visited The River studio and dropped off several hundred songs from NEPA artists. It’s a good start.

 We’re going to have fun on The River. Looking through all of those great records this past weekend was incredibly energizing. I’ll be playing some stuff I haven’t played in a long time, as well as some tunes I’ve never played before. And it’s all good.  I’ve already met with my producer, Lobo, who I’ve worked with before at “Concert For A Cause,” and she shares my love and appreciation for local music. And Paul, by reaching out to me and asking me to join the station, clearly feels the same. And so, on Sunday at 9 p.m., I am back on the FM dial and The Weekender will continue to serve as a co-sponsor of the show. As always, I’ll be spinning the very best of NEPA’s music. As always, the show will include current music, plus the occasional blast from the past. As always, it will run the gamut, from The Buoys, to The Badlees, to Breaking Benjamin, to artists such as Miz, Cabinet, k8 and George Wesley.

 As always, I’ll be putting plenty music on your menu.
Listed below are some of the artists whose CDs I sifted through this past weekend. They’re all coming with me to The River:

And The Moneynotes
Alien Red
The Badlees
Bent Blue
Billy Spanton
Black Dog
Blue Sugar Riot
Bob Lewis
Bob Aluni
Breaking Benjamin
Brendan Quinn
Bret Alexander
The Band Brown
The Buoys
Cathy Donnelly
The Cellarbirds
Charles Havira
Chasin’ The Dog
Chris Hludzik
The Collective
Dashboard Mary
Days Before Tomorrow
Doug Mackie
The Drama Club
Drew Kelly
Ed Randazzo
Eddie Appnel
Effect of The Letter
Eric Klein
Eva Katherine
Fighting Zero
The Five Percent
Full Circle
George Wesley
The Godinez Brothers
Graces Downfall
Gypsum Choi
The Great Party
Groove Train
International Pete
The Invisible Swordsmen
Iron Cowboy
Jackson Vee
Janet Raines/Aaron Fink
Jared Campbell
Jay Morgans
Jeanne Zano
Jimmy Harnen
Joe Dombroski
John Canjar
Katie Kelly
Kermit Alphonso
Kate and CJ
Kevin Campion
Kids On Bikes
Lessen One
The Lo-Fives
Main Offender
The Maruce Project
Maybe Someday
Melissa Krahnke
Mere Mortals
Might Fine Wine
Monster Truck Supergroup
Mother Nature’s Sons
Morning Pride
Music For Models
Mystery Fire
Neil Nicastro
No Vacancy
The NonRefundables
Nowhere Slow
OK Paddy
Pete Palladino
Phyllis Hopkins
Plus 3
Rich Jenkins
Rick Jones
Rick Manwiller
Riley Oremus
Robert Reilly
Ronnie Williams
Shannon Marsyada
Shawn Z.
The SilenTreatment
Six Second Yellow
Stardog Champion
Stoney Creek
Strawberry Jam
The Swims
Terrence Hemp Cummings
Three Imaginary Boys
Tim Sheenan
Tom Flannery & The Shillelaghs
Tom Graham
Tony Halchak
Tyrants Temple
Underground Saints
Wally & The Paupacks
White and Gray
Woody Browns Project
40-Lb. Head
78 West
“MUSIC ON THE MENU – LIVE ON THE RIVER” will air every Sunday from 9-10 p.m. on 104.9-FM (105, The River). You can also listen online at To download the station's phone app, search "radio bold." Artists interested in submitting material for the show can contact me at

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