Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Submitting your music to “Music on The Menu"

We answer the questions that we get the most often about the radio show

Dear artists,

Thank you for your interest in the “Music On The Menu” radio show, which airs every Sunday night from 9-10 p.m. on The River in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton/Bloomsburg/Hazleton.  It can be heard, throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, on 100.7-FM, 103.5-FM and 104.9-FM. It can also be heard anywhere, worldwide, at www.105theriver.net or on the RadioBOLD phone app.  

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the show:

1. Does the show focus only on artists from Northeastern Pennsylvania?

Yes. For one hour a week, we put the classic rock and the timeless pop hits aside and we shine the light on the fine music being made right here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, particularly the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton/Hazleton region.

2. Is there a specific musical format for the show?

We’re pretty much a rock and roll show. Traditional rock. Roots-rock. Acoustic-based rock. Melodic modern-rock. We also play singer/songwriter/folk type material and pop music, as well as some country and some blues. Most people have a pretty good sense of whether or not a song has the potential to be played on the radio, especially on a commercial radio station.  If you think you’ve got a good catchy tune, feel free to send it our way. We look for great songs with great melodies and great production value.

3. How can an artist submit music for the show?

We are constantly adding new songs to the program. To have your music considered, please mail a CD, with the song titles and track listings, to:

Alan K. Stout
Music On The Menu
105 The River
305 Roosevelt St.
Edwardsville, PA 18704

We’ve actually had people send us CDs without the track listings and song titles, so please be sure to do so. And if you have a brief bio, please send it as well. If we play your music, we'd also like to be able to tell our listeners a little bit about you.   

You can also e-mail mp3s to: musiconthemenu@comcast.net

If you choose to submit songs by e-mail, please send no more than three tracks. And again, please be sure to include the song title with each file. Song files must be sent in the mp3 format as an mp3 attachment. Our production system at The River cannot accept any other file format. They must be mp3s.

That’s it. Those are the only two ways to submit music to the show. Either send us your CD or e-mail us a few mp3s. We will not usually be able to go onto YouTube to check out songs, or Spotify, or SoundCoud, or download music from a website. We do 52 shows per year, we play hundreds of songs, and we receive many submissions each month. And so the best way for you have your music be given consideration for airplay is for you to send it to us directly on a CD or as an mp3 attachment.  We absolutely love to premier new artists and new songs on the show, and we appreciate you thinking of us. 

4. How does one go about performing at the  “Music On The Menu Live Original Music Series” at Breakers?

Those shows are special. We only do a few per year. And we are probably the only commercial radio station in the entire country that takes local unsigned artists and puts them live on the radio, commercial free, for a full hour. As far as we know, there is nothing else like it anywhere else, on commercial radio, anywhere in the United States.  All of our monthly "Music On The Menu Live" shows at Breakers, inside Mohegan Sun Pocono, are also broadcast live on 105 The River, as well as on 105theriver.net. They can also be heard on the RadioBOLD phone app. With three radio frequencies that reach several counties over more than a 100 mile radius, there are typically thousands of listeners. 

Breakers is also one of the few rooms in NEPA that was built for live music. There is a house sound-system, including a soundboard, amps and monitors. Its stage, which is set high behind the bar, is designed for people to watch live bands. But for our shows, we also change the atmosphere of the room. We turn off the smaller TVs in the club  so that people in the bar focus strictly on music. A live video feed of the bands on stage is fed to the large video screens on the sides of the stage, which provide an up-close visual of the artists. And we close the curtain on the entrance to the club, sectioning it off from the rest of casino. For one hour, Breakers is truly all about the music.   

For those shows, we tend to select artists that we’ve gotten to know pretty well through the regular Sunday night “Music On The Menu’” program, and thus artists that our listeners have also become familiar with. If there is an artist that we’ve been playing for quite a while on Sunday nights and that has sent us plenty of quality material,  we’ll likely then ask them to perform at “Music On The Menu Live.” It all begins with you sending us your music. If we like it, and it fits our format, we’ll play in on the Sunday night “Music On The Menu” show. And if you continue to send us quality material, and we continue to give it airplay, you will then be considered for “Music On The Menu Live.” In recent years, we've given that opportunity to quite a few up-and-coming artists. 

Those are the four questions that we get the most. We hope you find the answers helpful. Thank you again for your interest in the show. It has always been our pleasure to provide the many talented artists from NEPA with some well-deserved airplay.

We look forward to hearing your music.

Thank you,

Alan K. Stout
105 The River
Music On The Menu

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